Personal effects

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«Personal effects» are not considered imports and, therefore, are not included in the import limit, nor are customs duties paid for them. The following are considered personal effects for passengers, along with their quantities:

  • Personal wearables (ring, watch, chain, etc.)
  • One Portable digital media player*
  • One Mobile phone (cell phone)
  • One Portable television set*
  • One Personal laptop or One tablet (only one of the two)
  • One Digital camera and video camera
  • Clothing, toiletries, beauty items, etc. (25 kilograms of miscellaneous items when valued by weight)

** Portable equipment refers to any device that operates on batteries.

It’s important to note that only one laptop or tablet is considered a personal effect. Not both; just one. You can bring up to two more, but customs duties would apply to them. ane the same applies to mobile phones. Only one is considered a personal effect, and although you can bring up to five more, customs duties would apply to those.

In cases where the alternative method of valuation by weight is used, personal effects are considered up to 25 kg of miscellaneous items.

Finally, personal effects are NOT included in the maximum limit of one thousand USD for each import and are also exempt from customs duties.