Package shipping

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For customs purposes, parcel shipments or package shipping will be understood as all those received, whether by postal, courier, or air cargo. or maritime, using in all cases only the services provided by companies and entities expressly authorized for this,

All natural persons who reside temporarily or permanently in the country can receive any item or equipment through package shipments, as long as they comply with the following:


  1. They cannot be among those that are expressly prohibited
  2. If they are among those regulated for import, they must have the License or Authorization.
  3. Its customs value cannot exceed 500 usd (until 12-31-23)
  4. Items must be declared.
  5. The same item must not be received in commercial quantities.


In the case of Shipments, MISCELLANEOUS (footwear, clothing, personal care and household items, jewelry, lingerie and similar) are valued by weight applying the equality of one (1) kilogram of miscellaneous items equal to ten (10) usd.

Home appliances and other durable equipment are not classified as miscellaneous. They are not weighed and are valued individually according to Annex 2 of the Resorlution 175-22 of the AGR Chief, and its value is included in the total limit of 500 usd


Ships with a total value of up to thirty (30.00) USD – or 3.0 kg when they only contain miscellaneous items – are exempt from payment of customs duties. Items in excess of thirty USD and up to a maximum value of five hundred USD (500.00) will pay a fee of 30% of their value.

The valuation of items and miscellaneous items is made in USD and a non-commercial tariff of 30% is applied. Then the result is taken to cuban pesos or CUP, multiplying it by the Rate of 1 x 24.