Temporary measures on medicines, food and hygiene articles

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Temporarily and exceptionally exceptions until december 31, 2023.

Payment of customs duties

Medicines: The importation of medicines and  medical supplies is exempt (does not pay)

Food and toiletries articles:

  1. The import of food and toiletries are not considered within MISCELLANEOUS and therefore, since they are not valued as such, they do not affect the maximum allowed limit of one thousand (1,000.00) usd.
  2. The limits established in Resolution 175-22 to establish the commercial nature will not apply to these articles.
  3. The import of food and toiletries is exempt from payment. In other words, the tariff is not applied to them.

How much can I bring:

  1. In the case of accompanied luggage, you can bring all the food, toiletries and medications you want (and the airline allows) without it being part of the limit of one thousand USD (100 kg).
  2. Unaccompanied luggage can include food, toiletries and medications without paying up to 50 kg without this being part of the import limit of one thousand USD.
  3. You can send up to 20 kg of food, toiletries and medicines as parcels without it being part of the limit of 500 USD (50 kg).

Food, hygiene and medicines must be physically separated from the items that are weighed, such as the rest of the so-called miscellaneous items (clothing, footwear, hardware, etc.) and from equipment, tools, car parts, etc. for the purposes of speeding up dispatch and not having to open the packages