Payment Exemptions

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Not always – and not for everything we bring – we have to pay customs duties. In the cases below, these item do not pay duties.

According to Decree Law 22-21

  1. Manufactured pharmaceutical products, wheelchairs for invalids, books
  2. scientific, technical, art and literature; musical scores; disks, tapes
  3. tape recorders, still views and cinematographic films for teaching;
  4. prostheses, when they replace or substitute an organ or part of it; and the teams, books or materials intended for the blind;
  5. used personal items brought by passengers in general andCuban crew members of ships and aircraft and sea workers;
  6. household goods and personal effects of people who arrive in Cuba with the purpose of residing permanently, in accordance with the provisions of the
    current legislation;
  7. products for the personal use of foreign scholarship holders residing in Cuba, as long as they maintain that condition and according to the regulations dictated by the Minister Finance and Prices;
  8. the medals, decorations and prizes awarded abroad, and theproducts that Cuban citizens receive as gifts or prizes for their status as scientists, athletes, artists and others, as long as their origin with the corresponding document.

Considered personal effects

  1. Garments for personal use (ring, watch, chain, etc.)
  2. One portable digital media player *
  3. One mobile phone (cell phone),
  4. One portable television set, *
    One portable personal computer (laptop) or one tablet. (only one of the two),
  5. A photographic and video camera.
  6. Clothing, toiletries, beauty items, etc. (25 Kilograms of miscellaneous items when valued by weight)

*  -Portable is understood as any device that works with batteries

Note: In cases where the alternative Weight/Value valuation method is used (when luggage is weighed), Personal Effects are considered up to 25 kg. of miscellaneous

Beside and accoerding to other exceptions, passengers who import non-commercial products with a total value of up to fifty US dollars and ninety-nine cents (50.99 USD) are exempt from paying customs duties on each trip. In cases where the alternative Weight/Value valuation method is used (when weighing luggage), this is equivalent to 5 kgs. of miscellaneous

Finally and Until 12/31/2023: Medicines, Food and Toiletries can be imported by passengers, without limit in quantity and without paying for them customs duties. The value of these items is not considered within the limit of one thousand USD that each passenger, over 10 years old, has the right to import (They are not weighed). This authorization also refers to those arriving in the country as part ofaccompanied luggageand includes SHIPMENTS, although the limit in ENA is 50 Kg and in Shipments 20Kg