Import Limits

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Any passenger over 10 years of age, regardless of their nationality or place of residence, can import on a non-commercial basis – in addition to their personal effects –  items up to a maximum value of one thousand (1000.00) usd on each trip you make. (Thousand Points)

When we only bring Miscellaneous items (footwear, clothing, food, personal hygiene and household items, jewelry, lingerie, perfumery and similar items) setting the limit is simpler, as we will see in the next topic on . But if we bring other items that do not classify in that category, such as household appliances, vehicle parts, hardware, etc., the situation is more complex.the Rating

We know, for example, that up to two televisions or a power plant can be imported, but where is that written?

Well, the limits in quantity for the importation of an article to be considered non-commercial are established in Annex 2 of the Resolution 175-2022 of the Head of the General Customs of the Republic (AGR) and the others are at the discretion of Customs regarding their variety and commercial limit

Can you imagine what would happen if the physical amount that each passenger brings was physically verified?

The above is resolved with the Alternative Method of Valuation by Weight and is the reason why Customs weighs miscellaneous items. To value them in a simple way, determining that 1 kilogram has a customs value of 10.00 USD or what is the same, 10 Points

An important thing to keep in mind is that, even though checking these limits does not become the main objective of customs control and is not open to everyone to do so, when for any reason physical control of luggage is carried out, these Quantities can be quantified and therefore taken into account which may entail, in addition to the confiscation of excesses, the opening and control of all packages with the consequent delay in dispatch.

To summarize what is related to LIMITS we will say that any passenger over 10 years of age, regardless of their nationality or place of residence, can enter the country on every trip you make two groups of things:

  1. Your personal effects (includes 25 kilograms of miscellaneous items)
  2. A non-commercial import consisting of items with a value of up to 1000.00 (thousand) usd
  3. Items exempt from payment by Decree Law 22-20

Passengers under 10 years of age cannot import and can only bring their personal effects. You can learn more at this link