Advance Passenger Information,

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Advance Passenger Information is a digital form where each passenger will present personal and travel information Cuban authorities that must be filled out “online” starting 48 hours before arrival in Cuba

Upon completion and validation, the traveler will receive in the delivered email, a form in PDF format with the data provided, as well as a private code to rectify it if necessary and a QR code, which must be presented when passing through immigration, Customs and Public Health controls upon arrival in the country

Unquestionably, this digital form and the possibility of filling it out “online” and prior to the trip, speeds up passage through border controls and reduces the burden of having to fill out various documents by hand.

The digital form consists of six screens in addition to the Home screen: Personal Data, Immigration Data, Public Health Data, Customs Data, Affidavit of the data provided and Confirmation and Reissue and QR Codes.

Personal information: Name and surname, gender, place and date of birth, email and country of residence.

Immigration Data: Date, means of transportation and place of arrival must be provided

Public Health Data: This information is fundamentally related to the epidemiological measures to combat Covid and includes countries of origin and visit, place where you will stay or reside in Cuba. (The fields related to PCR and COVID vaccination will not be mandatory to fill in)

Customs Data: Select IF you travel with un accompanied baggage (ENA) or NO; Accompanying Minors; Althought importation of Freely Convertible Currency (MLC) is free, you have to declare the total amount when it is greater than five thousand US dollars (USD 5000.00).

Upon completion of providing the requested data the traveler should accept it and after that wil receive by email a sheet, in PDF format, with the QR Code that have to present at the arribal